342. Poolewe to Inverewe Gardens

September 2019

On my trip in July I had to cut back an intended walk from Aultbea to Poolewe on discovering my flight home was cancelled. At that point I had already planned the walks I intended to complete on this trip in September. I didn’t want to “lose” a day on this trip by doing the remainder of the walk between Poolewe and Aultbea as a half day so I tried to squeeze it in before or after other days walk so as to still reach the expected destination at the end of this trip.

I had already done the first part of this, as far south as Inverewe Gardens so now it was time to complete the second part, between Poolewe and Inverewe Gardens. I had already done a most of day walk earlier today so this was a late afternoon walk. On my way back from an earlier walk this morning I had to drive back to Ullapool where I was staying via Poolewe anyway so stopped here on the way back to do this walk.

I parked in the little parking area next to the public toilets at the south end of the B8057. From here I walked back to the A832 and then turned left along it, to cross the River Ewe that feeds Loch Ewe.

The River Ewe, Poolewe

The road only has one lane of traffic (though the rest of this part of the road is two way) but at least it does have a wide pavement. Beyond the bridge I was pleased to see that the pavement continued, albeit more narrow.

Like a lot of villages in the North of Scotland, Poolewe is quite spread out and I passed houses on an intermittent basis. The pavement was on the coastal side of the road right along the back of the beach which was nice, though the beach was mostly pebble.

Loch Ewe near Poolewe

Soon on the right I was passing a large caravan park, which was doing a roaring trade. The somewhat tempting smell of barbecuing sausages and burgers was wafting across from the campsite!

After the campsite I passed a National Trust for Scotland sign that told me I had now entered the Inverewe Estate. I could see the end of the bay ahead with the pretty wooded headland that contains the gardens jutting out to sea at the end of the bay.

Loch Ewe near Poolewe

Loch Ewe near Poolewe

The speed limit on the road soon increased to 60mph but thankfully the pavement continued.

Loch Ewe near Poolewe

As the road turned away from the coast there was a more minor road off to the left which I followed, soon signed as a footpath and whilst there was then a gate across the road there was a pedestrian gate next to it. I went through the pedestrian gate and this soon took me to the car park of Inverewe Gardens, where I had reached last time, now closing the gap.

Inverewe Gardens entrance

By now it was almost 6pm. so I walked back to my car at Poolewe, retracing my steps along the road. I then had a 90 minute or so drive back to Ullapool.

This has been a short but enjoyable walk and it was nice to have a walk where there were no issues with route finding and no dangerous road walking to contemplate because there was a pavement the whole way.

Here are details of the public transport needed for this walk. There are two bus routes (neither daily) but between them, they provide one bus per day each way between Poolewe and Inverewe Gardens most days except for Thursday and Sunday.

Westerbus 707 : Gairloch – Poolewe– Inverewe Gardens – Aultbea – Laide – Badcaul – Dundonnell – Braemore Junction – Ullapool. 1 bus per day each way, Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. (Connection is available at Braemore Junction to/from Inverness).

Westerbus 700A : Laide – Aultbea – Inverewe Gardens – Poolewe – Gairloch – Kerrysdale Junction – Loch Maree Hotel – Kinlochewe – Achnasheen – Lochluichart – Garve – Strathpeffer – Dingwall – Inverness. 1 bus per day each way on Tuesday and Saturday only.

Here are the complete set of photos for this walk : Main Link.

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4 Responses to 342. Poolewe to Inverewe Gardens

  1. 5000milewalk says:

    There is a strange warm satisfaction in plugging a gap that only a coastal walker can appreciate! 🤣😂🤣

  2. 5000milewalk says:

    I was thinking about pavements along the side of main trunk roads the other day, and why they are so rare. It really would be the tiniest addition to the cost of resurfacing a road to run a narrow paved path along the side, where there is nearly always space currently occupied by a verdant grassy verge, with deep hidden potholes set at random intervals to help you trip over and fall into the stream of oncoming traffic. Perhaps we should start a pressure group……..

    • jcombe says:

      Yes you’re right about grass verges, you have to be careful and I usually find if I move onto the grass verge to let traffic pass that is usually the point I reach one of these gullys! I don’t know why there aren’t more pavements, I suppose it’s the usual cost and the fact not that many would use it, but then again it probably would cost less to maintain than a grass verge (which will quickly get overgrown if left).

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