Finally back to the coast

August 2020

Well finally, after almost a year since my last new coastal walk I’ve made it back to a new (to me) part of the British coast with a week long trip to the north west coast of Scotland. This time I had to drive all the way (a round trip of approximately 1200 miles) since the thought of wearing a mask for a 12 hour train journey was too much, whilst it’s impossible now to book a flight without it subsequently getting cancelled, so it was really the only option.

It was great too be back and this time I covered the coast from Lower Diabaig to the junction of the Applecross pass and the A896 at Tornapress. With no public transport running at all in this area any longer, that meant I had to either do all circular or there and back walks or use a bike (which I did for some of the walks) which meant I covered more miles than the map might suggest.

It is one of the most beautiful, interesting and remote sections of coast I have covered. It will be a while before I write up those walks here so for now here is a photo from one of the walks.



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12 Responses to Finally back to the coast

  1. owdjockey says:

    Hi Jon, excellent news and so glad you are back doing what you really like. Currently writing up my TR’s from the last 3 or 4 days, which now sees me on the outskirts of Dundee. Looking forward to your TR’s. Cheers Alan

  2. Yay, we’re all walking again! Lots of road-walking there Jon, but what beautiful roads. 😄

  3. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? We were in Applecross last year. Did you get your plane refund sorted out eventually?

    • jcombe says:

      Yes indeed very lovely. Was a bit disappointed with the pub though. Walked past about 1:30pm and saw lots of empty tables outside and the weather was good. Although I had food I’d bought with me I thought a pub lunch might be nice, so I asked if they were serving food and told only if you had pre-booked a table online – but with no mobile signal there I am not sure how you are meant to do so! I asked if I could book for now and use their wifi to do so, but told it was “fully booked”. When I pointed to the empty tables outside and asked if that applied to the outside tables and if all of those were booked too I was then told they were “short staffed”. I did not find them friendly at all, I suspect it’s a bit of a locals only place.

      • Was that the pub in Applecross? We went in there and looked at their blackboard menu which appeared to have no veggie food, and walked back out. Staff didn’t ask if they could help, or anything. Found out later they did do veggie food so maybe it was on a separate menu. Anyway, further along, just by the road junction, was a very nice cafe where we had an excellent lunch, so their loss! To be fair, you have to book just about everywhere here at the moment, but it does sound as if there’s a bit of an attitude problem if we’ve both had poor experiences.

        • jcombe says:

          Yes it was the Applecross Inn in Applecross. Now you can’t even look at the menu as they won’t let you inside without a booking. I mean I appreciate if it’s full it’s full that wouldn’t be unexpected and I had planned on the basis I wasn’t going to use the pub, it was just disappointing that it clearly wasn’t full but they still preferred to turn me away. The cafe you mention was open but was takeaway only, they had closed all the seating areas. I was hoping for a more comfortable sit down than the pebbly beach – so I didn’t bother with that either sadly.

          • Oh right, that’s a shame because the cafe was lovely. I thought you were actually legally obliged to display a menu. There’s also a good tearoom at Applecross House but that’s quite a long way further on and might not be open anyway under current circumstances. I confess we succumbed to cake there!

    • jcombe says:

      Oh and regarding the refund …. sort of. I raised a dispute with the credit card company (American Express). They have refunded it for now pending investigation, so hopefully I will get my money back that way but I think EasyJet have some time to raise an objection to the charge-back but I suspect they won’t (because they don’t have a leg to stand on!)

  4. 5000milewalk says:

    Well done Jon, good to see you back mate 👍😊

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