To the Isle of Wight

Having reached another island I’m going to walk around that too. The Isle of Wight is in fact the largest English island both in terms of size and population. As a result, it is easy to get to with many different ferry routes, with the most frequent running up to every 15 minutes and taking only 10 minutes. The table below shows the different routes. Note that the routes are not cheap (especially if taking a car) and has a reputation as being the most expensive crossing per mile in the world (though I cannot find reliable source to confirm that).

Edit: Well that will teach me to try and be clever and include a table won’t it? It looks to be unreadable 😦

Mainland Port Island Port Type Vessel Operator Approximate frequency Journey time Day Return Fare (Foot passenger)
Lymington Yarmouth Car and Passenger Ro-Ro ferry Wightlink Hourly 40 minutes £14.60
Southampton West Cowes Passenger only Catamaran (Red Jet) Red Funnel Every 30 minutes peak times, hourly off peak 25 minutes £24.10 (some off peak discounts available)
Southampton East Cowes Passenger and Car Ro-Ro ferry Red Funnel Hourly 1 hour £16.80
Portsmouth Fishbourne Passenger and Car Ro-Ro ferry Wightlink Every 30 minutes 45 minutes £14.60
Portsmouth Ryde Pier Head Passenger Catamaran Wightlink Every 30 minutes peak times, hourly off peak 22 minutes £18.40
Southsea (Portsmouth) Ryde Passenger Hovercraft Hovertravel Every 15 minutes peak times, Every 30 minutes off peak 10 minutes £21

My top tip is that if travelling by train you can purchase a through rail ticket to the Isle of Wight on all of these routes. If you are travelling by train this is always cheaper than paying for tickets separately. In addition if you have a railcard and are travelling at a time when it is valid, it is almost always cheaper to buy a train ticket from a station near to one of the ferry ports to the island, even if you only use the ticket on the ferry and don’t use the rail portion of the journey at all!

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