Crossing the Firth of Forth

The news today that the Forth Bridge over the Firth of the Forth in Scotland is not good news. The bridge is currently closed, even for pedestrians, until January, causing traffic chaos. However there are also issues caused by the closure for the coastal walker too which I thought worth mentioning

At the moment to walk from South Queensferry to North Queensferry is a little over 1 mile over the Forth Road bridge. But with the bridge closed, it becomes around 30 miles round trip to the next nearest bridge (there isn’t a ferry any more and pedestrians are not allowed on the rail bridge). Although you could take the train over the Forth Rail Bridge if you don’t mind cheating!

But there is a more serious long term problem. It is generally agreed that the current bridge is near the end of it’s life and for this reason a new bridge is being built (due to open late next year.) However unlike the current bridge (which has a dedicated path) , pedestraisn and cyclists wll not be permitted to use the new bridge. So next year might be the last oppurtunity to take this route over the Firth of Forth.

If you are planning to do walk this part of the coast, next year might be a good time to do it, otherwise you have a 30 miles diversion.

Thankfully, I walked this bit of the coast late last year.

The Forth road bridge

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