Jersey Battle of Flowers

August 2007

This was our 3rd full day on Jersey and as we were here for 6 full days and had so far covered around half the coast in 2 days, we decided we would take a day off from walking. Unknown to either of us when we booked this trip, it had concided with the Battle of Flowers the largest carnival on the islands, which has been taking place annually since 1902. We therefore decided to spend the day, or at least the afternoon, watching this.

Given the name you might expect people fighting with flower, or perhaps throwling flowers at each other. That is I think what used to happen, but that has long since been abandonded. Instead it is a parade of flower covered floats, made by various parishes and organisations around the island, mixed in with music, funfairs etc. It is clear that for many on the island this is the event of the year. I was extremely impressed both with the number and scale of the floats – it is clear many must spend most of the year putting them together and there is obviously very competitive.

Anyway I’ll let the pictures do the talking – here are a few of my favourites.

Jersey Young Farmers float - Under the Sea
Ice Cool - Rob, Adrian & Friends
Parish of St Saviour float - Notre Dame de Paris
Roo the Day - The Henwood Ensemble
Parish of St Lawrence - Reds in Flight
Carribean Cocktail - Parish of St Peter
Sponge Bob Square Pants - Parish of St Peter Juniors
Carribean Cocktail - Parish of St Peter
Valhalla: Viking Sacrifice - Optimists Club
Saturnalia - Parish of Grouville
Miss Maderia
Valhalla: Viking Sacrifice - Optimists Club
Battle of Flowers
Sanjaya - Parish of Trinity
Battle of Flowers

It was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. When it was over, we wandered slowly along the promenade through St Helier, enjoying the fact it was closed to traffic too. In the evening we had dinner in St Brealade and saw the fireworks over St Helier, I think these mark the end of the twilight parade.

Fireworks over St Aubins' Bay

It was a very memorable day and made a very good rest day.

Here is the complete set of photos : Main Link | Slideshow

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  1. snowgood says:

    Love the Red Arrows float.

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