Coast path guide books

Wales already has a coast path and plans are being worked on to create a coast path around the English coast as well. The Somerset Coast Path is now almost ready and today the official guide book is published. You can buy it on Amazon. I believe the route of the coast path is much as I have followed and written about here. If this is anything like other Aurum guide books, it will include a detailed description and full Ordnance Survey Maps (1:25,000 scale) with the route clearly shown. I find these books very useful and it works out much cheaper than buying the individual maps. I also find them easier to use than large maps that can be difficult to unfold and use in the wind (and it is often windy on the coast). The only downside is that the maps shown do not cover a wide area off the coast, which can be an issue if there is a path closure or diversion, as the dieversion may not be on the map.

I used the same publishers books to walk the South West Coast Path and provide links to them below.

Note that I am in no way connected with the publishers or authors of these books, I just found those on the South West Coast path to be very useful.

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